Baum [UK] & Leahy [DK]
Cellumonials: Cellular Ceremonies, 2019-ongoing. 
Soundscape by Sofie Birch, video by Carl Bigmore and Kevin Walker, editing by Baum & Leahy with Celine Caly.

Human bodies are multiple, permeable, and entangled with bacteria. In this film, Baum & Leahy invite you to connect with your cohabiting microbes and understand your body as an ecosystem that is constantly in flux.

Baum & Leahy is an award-winning international, creative duo working across interdisciplinary collaboration, interactive installation, art direction, scenography and experience design. Their Earth-based practice explores how sustainable futures can be grown in symbiosis with environmental ethics and multispecies aesthetics.


Leading feminist theorist and author of Bodies of Water: Posthuman Feminist Phenomenology Astrida Neimanis responds to Cellumonials here.

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